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Assisted Stretching with Noah Deutsch, PDS, ISMS

Progressive Dynamic Stretching —  Isolated Stretching Manual Strengthening
You only have one body, one life and this is your chance to scrape yourself off the ground and get back in the game. Aren’t you tired of replaying level one?

Progressive Dynamic Stretching is where my work derives from. We have created a method called Progressive Dynamic Stretching. Throughout a session you will not only expierence between 75-150 stretches and movements, you’ll also learn the basics of what it means to stretch properly.

What we specialize in is assisted stretching that improves range of motion, flexibility, performance and relieves pain. I also teach methods for at home stretches and flexibility exercises.


With 100s of protocols (726 stretches) that tailor to your needs and for specifics; golf, racket sports, lifting, etc.. To improve posture, increase range of motion and build confidence, that is what we aim to do.

Let’s GO

Get IN Shape

With personalized training, matched with a mastery in assisted stretching and mobility, we are able to not only enhance your abilities to train at an optimal level, but to recover at a pace that will improve your overall life, longevity and ability to strive.

With either online training/coaching that comes with a vast variety of programs, information, videos and more, you will have a direct line of communication with Noah Deutsch, to assist you with questions, thoughts and advancements throughout the program.

With in person training, located in Framingham Massachusetts, you will have access to a state of the art training facility, OLYMPUS, along with a special discounted price for Assisted stretching. Here you will be able to train 1 on 1 with Noah Deutsch, hands on corrective measures and the ability to create the best you along with the best recovery!

Real Work. Real Results.

active stretching

Specialized in Active Stretching

With an expertise and mastery in Active Isolated Stretching, providing the ability to enhance performance, Increase relaxation, and improve recovery all through 752+ protocols and stretches. From upper to lower body, working with the body to improve posture, recondition the muscles, and release tension and stress. Stretching to improve the longevity and ability to perform in and out of the gym.

certified trainer

Certified Trainer, ISSA

Certified under the International Sports and Science Association, a  globally recognized training organization. Noah, with over 10 years of hands on training and client expierence, has the knowledge and ability to excel all ages to their best life

TPI Instructor

Titleist Certified

Certified by the Titleist Performance Institute, a highly recognized program that helps enhance the ability and mobility for golfers of all ages and expertise. From junior, moderate and expert level, increasing overall functionality and performance on the green.



Packages available


$50 - 30 min session


$90 - 60 min session


$400 - 5 hour package @ $80/hr


$775 - 10 hour package @ 77/hr


$1500 - 20 hour package @ 75/hr

Stretch Now, Recover faster

Real Work.
  Real Results.

Why Stretching

Popular PrograMS

We suggest before purchasing a package, to try a session out, give it a shot, and let the work explain itself before you commit.

The most popular package is the 10 hour pack. Giving you the base line of your first 3 sessions. Along with a solid 7 more to see your body begin to evolve

We call it the 3 Gems. After your third session, that is where you truly start to feel the benefit and perks of Assisted Stretching. Allowing your body the weeks inbetween to truly live up to what is being done.


Stretching is more than just bending over to touch your toes, its about elongating the muscles to bring you to new lengths, preventing injury, and having a better sense of your body. Think of it as a pick me up in the morning or a cool down at night


Increasing mobility allows for your body to dive deeper into
specific hobbies and activities that you may have been difficult for you in the past


Being Flexible sounds great doesn’t it? Well that’s true! Being
flexible allows for more blood to be pushed throughout the body, giving you a new feeling, feeling alive, feeling open and being able to move without pain (if any)

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

After one particulary tough workout I was introduced to Noah Deutsch.

I have been dealing with months of PT and Trigger Point injections in my neck. I immediately scheduled an appointment. What an amazing introduction this turned out to be. I have now included Noah into my weekly workouts. The improvements in my neck and shoulder mobility is three fold. I can not stress the importance now of working with not only your coach, but incorporating a stretching coach, It is the key to a more productive workout an gains. Noah has literally been a god send.

Ellaine H.

I am so happy Noah Deutsch is now apart of my life. We have been working together for a couple of years. My hips get tight more often than id like to admit but Noah loosens them up
and gets me ready for my lifts. He’s god sent! I always leave him feeling refreshed and ready to kill my workout! He is magic! Thank you Noah!!!

Nektaria P.

I have been to Chiropractors, acupuncturists, many different physical therpaists and massage therapists to me feeling my best. All it took was one session with Noah to really have my back feel better and overall mobility increase! Each session I feel better than the last time! I am no stranger to stretching being a yoga instructor, but this is a whole different art form. He is one gifted person for sure, and as nice as he is talented. I really cant say enough good things about him!

Donna H.

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